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RAW by Patrick Schorer

  • Price: 0.4 Eth
  • Items: 50
  • Blockchain: ETH

I think I could make pictures where the sun is shining, freedom all over the world and everything is perfect, but that isn’t the truth! My aim is to create...

End Date: July 28, 2023

4498 Hour 24 Minute to End

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Snowly Dog NFT

  • Price: 0.04 eth
  • Items: 9,500
  • Blockchain: ETH

I am a super dog Snowly. I like to play with children, to sleep with owner, and to give as much happiness as I canĀ 

End Date: December 31, 2029

60850 Hour 24 Minute to End

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Not So Dead

  • Price: 0.05
  • Items: 10,000
  • Blockchain: ETH

Not So Dead is a 10,000 NFT project generated from 250+ high resolution hand drawn elements and stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Visit our website at

End Date: May 19, 2023

2818 Hour 24 Minute to End

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Ethereum's Cute Unicorns

  • Price: 0
  • Items: 8
  • Blockchain: ETH

Cute Unicorn NFTs, made by one of our small Ethereum’s community. There are only 8 unique cute unicorns in the world.

End Date: February 02, 2025

17818 Hour 24 Minute to End

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