Completed NFT

Gas Mask Gang

  • Price: 0.35 Sol
  • Items: 5,000
  • Blockchain: OTHER

Mission Of The Nubis Project:   We have big goals over here at The Nubis Project. We plan to really change the game of NFT’s and Crypto one step at...


  • Price: 0
  • Items: 1,111
  • Blockchain: ETH

NFT Collection of 1111 unique colors. No roadmap. No utility. It’s Just A Color. FREE MINT LIVE ON WEBSITE!


  • Price: 0
  • Items: 5,555
  • Blockchain: ETH

Ghostlers (GHOST) is an NFT project that is delivering the values of cuteness, bravery, strength, passion, compassion, and creativity to a global audience. Created by a team of digital artists,...

Monkey Monk

  • Price: 0
  • Items: 100
  • Blockchain: MATIC

There is an artistic reflection for each and every personality. In the digital era, people are increasingly spending time online and expressing themselves through avatars and digital profiles. To appeal...


  • Price: 0.222
  • Items: 777
  • Blockchain: ETH

The TerraDucks is a collection of 777 unique cybernetic TerraDuck NFTs. Each TerraDuck collectable represents a leader from a distant star system civilization stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Some as...